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Catching fish on Anariki island. photo by bbc

Kiribati has been targetted by the BBC One as the new venue to for its new tv show “The Real Swiss Family Robinson”.

The new movie is a remake of the old version which is about a couple whose family business fall apart after being hit by the recession. The couple with their two kids left all their comforts and luxury living in Essex, England and decided to live in a tiny island nation in the Pacific Ocean.

Anariki atoll, a remote and uninhabited islet in Kiribati is where the family landed in for their new life and adventure. The couple were left on the island with a box of rations to survive them for a few weeks afterwhich they will survive on their own.

The family had to survive on their own on the island by learning how fish, climb a coconut tree to get coconut juice for drink and learn the basic lifestyles of the islanders.

The family found out later that they shouldn’t have agreed in the first place to come.

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I'm a Journalist/Broadcaster for Kiribati Broadcasting and Publications Authority (BPA)


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